Bulk Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Authentically produced in Greece by Loutraki Oil Co, distributed throughout Canada by us.

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Wholesale Bulk Olive Oil

We distribute olive oil in bulk produced by the Loutraki Oil Company; an award winning olive oil producer from the sun drenched hills of Greece’s Mani Peninsula. Products are 100% organic, natural, non-GMO, non-chemically induced or modified.

Now also available in four new flavours – oregano (ORGANIC), orange (ORGANIC), lemon and hot cayenne pepper (spiced)(ORGANIC).

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  • Best olive oil wholesale export price in Greece

  • Delivery to your nearest port

  • Excellent product quality and design

  • Competitive prices and consistent quality control

  • Fast production timing and delivery program.

Loutraki Oil Co.

The Loutraki Olive Oil company is a family owned olive oil producer from Athens Greece. The estate on which the oil is produced has been owned by the Katsetos family since 1860. The oil is luscious and soft with a full, round body and a strong fruity nose. Hints of papaya and distinct floral notes, it evokes fields of buttercups and long summer days.

Shipping Details

Olive Oil Shipping Van Gaalen Distributions
  • Bulk orders available in 3L tins, 1L glass bottles, 750ml, 500ml and 250ml

  • Delivery to your nearest port

  • Minimum order of 4500 Euros

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I received the shipment this afternoon and am thrilled with the quality of the product and very grateful that you helped me through the buying process. Many thanks!


I wanted to tell you before I go how wonderful the olive oil is. A vast improvement on the olive oil we originally used. It was absolutely fantastic! It had a great taste! 

Larry, Ontario

Thanks for your partnership with Elea and allowing those of us in the States to have access to honest to goodness quality olive oil.


I tried the ELEA olive oil on a salad like you recommended and it tasted really, really good. Thanks for the suggestion.

Jennifer, Ontario
3 Litre Olive Oil Tin

Bulk Olive Oil Types

  • Elea Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic) – Koroneiki

  • Elea Extra Virgin Olive Oil (non-Organic) – Koroneiki

  • Fotoula Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Manaki

  • Athina Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Megaritiki

  • DiPappa Luiga Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Megaritiki and Patrina

  • Rica – Pure, Refined and Pomace (with 10 % ELEA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Comments from the owner of Loutraki Olive Oil (modified)

When I came to Greece 25 years ago, I noticed a huge difference between the children of Greece and the children in the United States. I decided to do a little research as to why they were slim, energetic, pictures of good health, and happy no matter what. 

I observed the children’s food habits and snack choices. I saw how mothers used olive oil so much in what the children consumed. They made all their snacks with olive oil being the base.

The children came home to olive oil, herbs, and yogurt dips; olive oil, fruits, nuts, and yogurt dips; and often olive oil based ice creams; bread and cakes made with large amounts of fruits, nuts, honey or olives, and olive oil. Dinners were comparatively small with a salad doused in olive oil and veggies or a small dish of pasta with tomato sauce and veggies again. Breakfast was mostly small, lunch always contained olive oil. I realized olive oil was the key ingredient to their good health and vitality.

Also, I observed that if a child ( rarely) had an earache, sore throat, insect bite, sunburn, headache and other problems all again rarely, doctors often used olive oil as the medicine of choice. I was impressed, therefore raised my children just like they did. There was a difference.

As a consequence of my research, I created a product just for the children ELEA JR. 

My thought was to create this product Jr. to educate mothers around the world to trust good pure olive oil to ensure that their children grow up strong and healthy. Our product is designed to have children to try it and have their own little bottle to enjoy and train them to incorporate olive oil daily into their lives.

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